GALLUCCI (still)Exists!

Gallucci – Straight from the source.

First Author: Quintin Goynes Sr. aka ManIntheMiddleqg (Interviews)

Second Author: RiSH Publicity – Brian McDonald

Gallucci is a soca-punk band from Sydney – Two brothers who can’t quite quit each other. They’ve been known for highly occasional bursts of loud and confusing “music” with echoes of a skatepark generator in the background plus rumors of Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges) & Joe Lally (Fugazi) making one-off appearances in their otherwise dim existence.

Speaking of existing, (still)Exists! is the title of their fifth release, available for free over on Bandcamp. It’s pithy and takes advantage of the panning-pot. The title notes the fact that we’re not dead yet! And it’s very good to be alive, existing, making sounds. So now, in Gallucci’s unique DYI (Do-Yourself-In) micro-verse, it’s the year of the little rooster… We’ve been waiting for this.

SoundCloud: Gallucci: First Episode of the Diepunkdeath Radio Show


Gallucci ‘(still)Exists!’ – Album


01 Feb19

02 FuryEnd

03 Intermish

04 Hatsy

05 In9’s

06 Double_Demps

07 Freeze (10Mm$)

08 Float it+ Out



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