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AUDIO: Alyssia Dominguez – “Better Me”

Country singer-songwriter Alyssia Dominguez’s latest single is about living into the best version of yourself. She’s sick of beating herself up over past mistakes and is determined to build more bridges than she’s burned. It’s an uplifting anthem about running for the light at the end of the tunnel. We look forward to hearing more from Alyssia Dominguez in 2021.

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AUDIO: Alyssia Dominguez – “Out of the Blue”

Singer-songwriter Alyssia Dominguez has a new single out this week. It’s an uplifting country-pop tune about falling hard for someone and feeling like you’re flying in the sky. It came out of nowhere for Dominguez but she welcomes the feeling; she sees endless possibilities for her and this person. It’s a crisp love song from Alyssia Dominguez; she’s got another

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