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AUDIO: Alley Eyes – “Of Things to Come…”

Alternative rockers Alley Eyes are out with their debut EP. With psychedelic tinges, these songs reflect the band’s affinity for catchiness of many flavors. Whether they’re rocking out about running out of time in “Nothing At All” or howling through desert psych with “ACDC Messiah,” the band is versatile in their approach to noir songwriting. Alley Eyes are just getting

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AUDIO: Alley Eyes – “Night Sirens”

Alternative rockers Alley Eyes have a new single out. With a psychedelic edge and garage-tinged vigor, the song is about an intimate affair with a woman who’s got an infectious hold over you. She’s not good for you yet you can’t help but remain locked in her grasp. It’s got that mysterious, dancing-with-danger sensibility that would fit right in a

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