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AUDIO: RAYVEN – “Labyrinth”

RAYVEN’s latest single dropped on Friday; the Racine pop artist gets heavily introspective with a darker mood here. She sings of choosing her own path, making sacrifices and feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. But she’s determined to pursue her truth and navigate the maze with whatever it takes, licking her wounds and putting the past behind

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AUDIO: Bandoleer Bacall – “Life of Adventure”

Indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall have their first new single out since 2021. This one’s got a jangly psych pop feel that will make you want to drive in the direction where it’s warm. Bandoleer Bacall show off their knack for putting abstract storytelling to nostalgic guitar pop, combining retro melodic and vocal sensibilities with resonant textures and conceptual imagery. We

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AUDIO: Elysian Stew – “Driving Thru the Desert to Burn a Million Dollars”

Elysian Stew is the instrumental guitar project of Patrick Zyduck. He released his debut album last month, consisting of ten tracks that bring a Western twang feel. It’s a calming and introspective listen, flowing from one dynamic melody to another like a long car ride that traverses many different landscapes. Elysian Stew takes us on a stroll through the dry

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REVIEW: William Basinski, Claire Rousay at Thalia Hall

William Basinski arrived in Chicago at Thalia Hall last Wednesday evening as part of his “The Last Symphony” tour. Opening for him was Claire Rousay. The concert was seated, providing an appropriately contemplative and intentional atmosphere for the performances. Originally from Texas, William Basinski is an experimental-ambient composer, sound artist, and classically trained clarinetist and saxophonist known for his work

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