AUDIO: Marsha Swanson – “Facing Life”

Marsha Swanson, a singer-songwriter in the folk arena, continues to leave her mark with her latest single, “Facing Life.” After clinching the titles of Best Folk Artist and Best Album for her work, “Sentient Stardust,” Swanson has ventured into uncharted emotional depths with this poignant track. Seamlessly following her previous release, “In Parallel,” this single is a glimpse into her upcoming album, “Near Life Experience,” which holds eager anticipation.

“Facing Life” is a revelation of the intricate bonds between generations, a testament to the inexorable connection between mothers and daughters. Through her lyrics, Swanson illuminates the profundity of acknowledging mortality as an integral aspect of embracing existence. The song’s narrative blends a tale as deep as the ocean, prompting introspection and contemplation while resonating strongly.

Marsha Swanson’s vocal performance in “Facing Life” is delightful. Her tones serve as a vessel, carrying the song’s emotional weight and compelling message with a charm that warms up the soul.

You can listen here.

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