Too Much Effing Perspective: Quick Taps – The Show Must NOT Go On With Steven Seagal, Brandon Tartikoff, and Pink Floyd

Every performer who’s ever been on the road has at least one bizarro story that could have been pulled straight from the iconic music mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap. Co-hosts Allen Keller and Alex Hofmann delve deep into their guests’ harrowing, humbling, and hilarious Spinal Tap Moments uncovering universal truths along the way.

Need a Quick Infusion of Spinal Tap Moments? Try Quick Taps – short episodes with short stories for short attention spans. In this episode, hear why lying about Steven Seagal doesn’t put you Above the Law; how knocking on wood isn’t necessarily good luck when auditioning at NBC; and whether Pink Floyd really needed oversized bonsai trees in Antarctica.

You can check out more episodes of Too Much Effing Perspective on Spotify.

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