RECAP: Mr. Nice Guy Presents Vol. 12: Valentines Edition

Mr. Nice Guy Presents hosted a show at the Cactus Club February 14th making it the 12th volume. The line up consisted of Emily Zimmer, John Justus, Chris Haise Band and Soulfoot Mombits.

Emily Zimmer @emilyzimmermusic

Singer-songwriter Emily Zimmer started the night off with her melodic, story-like songs. Even when she’s on a hiatus, Zimmer puts her all into her performances making it fun for the crowd.

John Justus @john_justus_

When it comes to John Justus, you can really tell he puts his heart and soul into his music. The singer loves to get the crowd involved, such as a “choose your own adventure” by cheering to pick a “vibe”. He even asked for words from the crowd to make a song like, onomatopoeia, macaroni, geriatric and a few others. Justus truly makes people feel included and seen, especially with his song “All In Good Time” which talks about anxiety and an uncertainness of the future.

Chris Haise Band @chrishaiseband

Having their first show at the Cactus club, the Chris Haise Band kicked off their set with powerful ballads and soulfull folk rock. The five piece shares their love for music in the most unique way, by blending their talents together to create a beautiful set list to get entranced in. We hope to see more of them at the Cactus Club in the near Future!

Soulfoot Mombits @soulfoot_mombits

Soulfoot Mombits was the last band of the night, leaving their mark with their self proclaimed “Jiggy folk”. Enhancing their music with a trumpet (played by Mike Henderson) gives the band a ‘jazzy feel’. Throughout their set the Soulfoot Mombits radiated love and good vibes, perfect for valentines day. We couldn’t think of a better band to end the night!

In addition to great tunes and soul-filled energy, Reproductive Justice Action Milwaukee joined in on the fun to help inform people on the importance of reproductive rights. R.J.A.M is a grassroots organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their main focus is to fight for reproductive rights and aid people in the steps of getting the help they need. Throughout the event, they kindly asked for any donations and the people delivered. For donations and other information on this organization, visit their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to find their linktree and take action.


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