Too Much Effing Perspective: Rock N’ Roll Re-Creation: OK Go’s Dan Konopka

Every performer who’s ever been on the road has at least one bizarro story that could have been pulled straight from the iconic music mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap. Co-hosts Allen Keller and Alex Hofmann delve deep into their guests’ harrowing, humbling, and hilarious Spinal Tap Moments uncovering universal truths along the way.

In one of our faves from the TMEP vault, we replay our chat with Dan Konopka from 2021 on the date 11/11 (because everything in this show must go to 11) when he told us why a piss bucket is put by his drum kit every time he plays the Paradise Rock Club in Boston; how a muppet looks when it “dies”; and what it’s like to rock out in ZERO GRAVITY.

You can check out more episodes of Too Much Effing Perspective on Spotify.

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