AUDIO: Floating – “The Waves Have Teeth”

Floating is a band formed in 2021 by Arvid Sjödin and Andreas Hörmark, previously members of the death metal band Morbid Illusion. After their previous group disbanded, the two musicians continued making music together in various projects, including Träskfeber, a krautrock/synth rock band, and their own synthpop/post-punk explorations. Floating was created as a way to merge their interest in heavy music with their post-punk influences. Their new album, “The Waves Have Teeth,” was written organically and aims to capture a vintage, dark sound that pays tribute to older death metal while also drawing on post-punk and goth rock. The music evokes feelings of loneliness, isolation, dread, and insanity. It paints a picture of death in the archipelago, of lighthouse keepers lost in the dark, and of islets drowned in the excrement of cormorants. Get heavy and check out the new album below:

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