Kaleigh’s “Situationship” is Thrilling

By Deuce

Talk about a rush. Everything about Kaleigh’s new single, “Situationship”, is pure adrenaline. It’s also rock and roll—as in the sort that rages, that smolders, well out of control at some points, which seems to be just how the singer/songwriter likes it.

There’s several ways that Kaleigh is able to create this feeling that’s appealing. The first is with the sheer strength of her vocal chops. She can flat out sing—loud, long, and as the focal point of the song, if need be.

The interesting thing, though, is the texture of her voice seems almost better suited to more mainstream rhythm and blues. The title of the tune—a hybrid of the words situation and relationship—would seemingly underscore this point, as would, perhaps, the artwork accompanying it.

But this cut’s way too high octane for any of that double-time high hat, mid 80s tempo fluff. No, Kaleigh gets straight to the heart of the issue sans any sort of bantering or being coy. The intro to the track itself almost rifles right past you with ferocity evinced on the drums that actually powers the rest of the number.

Evidently, that work on the cue sticks is attributed to Kaleigh. Ditto for the frenzied guitar playing, which is pure electricity, having transcended the typical electric variety. There’s also a hearty helping of bass keeping pace as well—when it can—which appears to have been played by the songstress, too. But, just put an ear to almost any of the hooks and those drums are sure to damn near blow you over, they’re so raw, raucous, and revolutionary in their onslaught.

Such unbridled feeling, the singular sentiment that overwhelms and welcomes listeners of all variety, simply can’t be restrained. Midway through the tune the f-bomb is hurled out, convincingly, within the broader context that “situationships suck”.

Anybody attempting to hear this song out—or even to dose themselves in its serrated edges for a far from quiet moment or too—would almost immediately get that point. That’s a testament to the artistry on display on this track, and to Kaleigh’s overall cogency with her music.

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