Indiana Bradley’s “Rats on Cocaine” is Dope

By Deuce

By Deuce

What would you expect from rats on cocaine, of all things? Perhaps not much difference between their behavior and humans on the same mind altering substances? Do rats even have minds? Ever read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh?

No matter what your answers are to the above interrogatives, go and apply them to “Rats on Cocaine”, the latest single from Indiana Bradley (who’s likely seen more than a couple ‘Dr. Jones’ movies from the 80’s) featuring Hunter Burgan from A.F.I. Like E-40 and half the Whole Damn Yay once said, you already know.

This joint is pounding. It’s frenetic. Check that, and go with frantic, instead. It clocks in at around 120 BPM, if not higher. Much of the action is led by the drumming of Darren Elpant. Did we mention the drumming of Darren Elpant?

At this pace he’s banging away ferociously, seemingly in double time during the transitions, consistently pepping up the cut, reminding you of its vivacity, its feelings and sentiments as expressions of the now.

Burgan plays his part by coming with a standout groove on the bass that’s tightly coupled with his electric guitar on the verses. In fact, it’s so convincing that Indiana can’t help but join in on the fun, making that his primary melody for this part of the tune. His vocal renditions are somewhat curious, invoking a perhaps tongue-in-cheek sort of voice that would be equally apt for reading children scary bedtime stories.

One of the high points is a spontaneous eruption of ‘ho ohs’ Bradley lets loose near the climax, when Elpant is seemingly working hardest and Burgan bestows the cut with aural pyrotechnics—as though that dope were really kicking in, now.

“Cocaine” is a single from the as yet to be released Extended Player, Pale City, that Bradley’s been heating up in the lab. Four tracks deep, the release has a cast of characters that’s decidedly familiar, with Burgan manning the boards on production for the duration of the project. He also reprises his efforts on the bass and guitars for the offering that’s set to touch down on streaming platforms New Year’s Eve.  

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