Erik & The Worldly Savages Break Free on Forthcoming Release

By Deuce

There are truly, truly not a lot of musical projects in existence like Break Free, the forthcoming release from Erik & The Worldly Savages set to drop on November 23rd.

On the one hand, the sheer diversity of the instrumentation on this collection of songs is difficult to compile. Mind you, despite the name of the artist, there’s really just one musician on these numbers—good ol’ Erik. He’s got a producer (Caspar Wijnberg), but the only person credited with the musical performances on this affair is Erik.

That said, the fact that some tracks are imbued with flamenco guitars, as authentic as anything heard in Spain either before or after the fighting of the bulls, is noteworthy. Still others are characterized by bag pipes, the stuff of kilts and stiff accents, that is. Another cut has some of that potent, sticky icky keyboard work that’s on the best efforts in reggae of any generation.

And topping it all off, no matter what genre is invoked, style is kicked, or aspirations for the tunes, you’ve got the bass playing, the most singular of instruments dropping the cleanest of bass lines, song after song after song.

To note that Erik is an accomplished musical performer, therefore, is something of an understatement. A virtuoso is likely a more apt descriptor, particularly when you dig the strings on numbers like “Sunshine” and “Glass Cage” (which is sure to resonate with traditional Irish audiences). Oftentimes they’re played high pitched with a fervor that’s rare to find on any instrument.

Nonetheless, were there a hit record on this pastiche of sounds and selections, it would have to be “Leaving”. The bass line is peerless, indicative of an island breeze, with the reggae chords and keys to match. Just check the way Erik flips it on the verses, in which a good thing, somehow, gets waaaay better.

This is the cut in which his overstated delivery works the best, as the artist ponders his exeunt from a place, a time, a state of mind perhaps, or maybe just a state. I tell you, dude could get some serious radio play for this one. In that respect it’s indicative of the series of songs as a whole.

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