Zach Churchill Refuses to “Surrender” on Single

By Deuce

Zach Churchill knows what he’s doing. He’s a man with a plan—a musician—and he’s laying down the former to propagate the latter.

His forthcoming album, “Greater Than”, is still a month and change away from its October 28th release. Meantime, he dropped the project’s first single, “Surrender”, in the middle of July. “Hover”, another cut off the album, touched down on August 19th, while yet another single, “Reach You”, will hit the people in a few days.

Talk about building up a buzz. “Surrender” does just that, checking in at just over five minutes. The bass line on this number immediately seizes the listener in a strangle hold that it only lets go of during the hook—in which it cranks even harder.

That would be Chris Cunningham doing it all the way live on this instrument. The main bass part is angular, riveting, and hewing dimensions of sound and space in the song, filling in the deep pocket supplied by Tom Rasulo on the drums. Matter of fact, Rasulo’s cue sticks both pepper and pep up the bass, hyping it in the right places with well-timed double-ups on the snare and ditto for the kicks—although some of them include triples and quadruples, perhaps.

There’s also a definitive set of piano/synth keyboards that serve as the compass or the guiding force on the track. The bass is ultimately girdling those keys, spiraling down them until the gang (rounded out by Churchill on the vocals and guitar in addition to Ross Sellers on the lead) opens up during the hook. Ross plays the front on this part of the tune, rocking out with abandon while Churchill bewails the fact that he “doesn’t really know what it’s like to lose control and surrender”, especially not to a babe.

On the mic Churchill has a sweet voice that turns outright expressive during the chorus. He lyrically renders a young man hurting, (“waking up in pain”) in the throes of the complications of the feelings of affection when the pendulum comes back around the other way.

If the rest of the album is even half as good as this single, that’ll certainly be saying something.

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