Vikings Belts It Out the Park with “Tanlines”

By Deuce

Just about the only thing you, me, or anyone else for that matter, needs to know about the latest release from VIKINGS—the single “Tanlines” b/w “Swimming At Night”—is the aforesaid “Tanlines”.

Just to be clear, that’s “Tanlines”, “Tanlines”, “Tanlines”.

Get the point? You can’t say it, write it, or even read it enough. You for damn sure can’t play it enough. And mind you, this is a track with three other cuts accompanying it. “Swimming” makes its presence felt, both on the original and the edited version. There’s also a remixed “Tanlines” rounding out the release, giving you a complete package.

But the original? Forget. About. It. It’s been a while since anyone introduced a synth riff as infectious, as guitar-esque in its quality and delivery, as the main one that carries the load and shoulders this track. It very easily could be a guitar played with some sort of effects, or a fusion of the two instruments (hey, what else are synths for ?). But it jumps out and grabs you soon, regardless of what you’re doing or, quite likely, who you happen to be with.

Plus the bass line is thumping. I mean, as in biggity bump-bump-bump bumping. One of those house basses played just right, heavy on the get down, that is. And to top it all off, you’ve got one of those outright corpulent snares characterizing the good ol’ four-on-the-floor drums, which certainly are doing their job this time around.

And just where exactly does that lead vocalist get off with that perfection of melody that’s every bit, if not more so, convincing as the perfection of groove upon which rap and its brood is based? The young man makes a good thing waaaay better when he kicks that falsetto of his, indelibly proving the human voice’s prowess as an instrument which is unexampled, perhaps, in all of music.

So, score one for the production of “Tanlines”. Everything is sonically tight, done right, and ready to ignite. My man even “makes love with all the stars staring”, if you can believe that. I can, and so will you or anyone else who gives this one a spin.

G’head. See for yourself.

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