jRadx Reinvents Song Structure on Desert Power LP

By Deuce

One can just tell, simply by the spelling of his name, that your man jRadx is one of those creative types. He recently dropped an album entitled Desert Power, if you need more proof. Dig the cover: aren’t those computerized images of creatures from the dunes of the first Star Wars movie on there?

With such unbridled creativity, you can only imagine what j does with song structure on this project. He bends it, warps it, breaks it and, in some inspired moments, even reinvents it. He’s a producer by trade, it would seem, though he also has a proclivity for hitting the vocal booth as well. Sometimes raps come out, which is the case on “Maybe”, in which he works a type of monotone style over some overtly freaky synths that are definitely the high point of a track imbued with pretty loud open high hats.

But just check out the way he smoothes things over with that “Strife” of his. The piano is definitely rap-inspired, though most people would tend to call it hip hop. However, the beat, the open high hat and the snare, is definitely techno.

So where does he get off coming with those delightful melodies? Two of them, at that, which are at times panned and going in and through each other something like a round, but much less repetitively. If that was him in the vocal booth, he certainly needs to do more of that.

Many of the numbers, however, lack vocals altogether. Some border on functioning as skits or interludes, perhaps. “AAAAAA” just might be one of those tunes, with its solid foundation of synth voices backed by an extremely credible snare that helps pull the track together. Close to about halfway through the thang he throws in some genuinely-sounding computer robotic voices too, communicating in a language a truly adept translator is necessary to make sense of.

Then again, other tracks lack melody, drums, rhythm, percussion, and any semblance of song structure altogether. Get a dose of “Jaded”, if that sounds a little too skeptical. It certainly sounds like there’s at least one sample on there, and money’s manipulating the pitch with it and whatever else he’s got going on, but song structure? Not on this one.

Yes, j is assuredly one of those creative types. When you get your head together, give this collection of cuts a go, and expect the unexpected.

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