Get a Dose of “Fancy Jeans” by Nick Campbell Destroys featuring Jacob Luttrell

By Deuce

Upon first glance, Cee-Lo Green (he of his Perfect Imperfections, AKA the Soul Machine, who was one time known just about everywhere for his “Forget You” anthem) may not be the first person to come to mind when you look at Nick Campbell Destroys.

But, just follow me on this.

Things definitely change, however, when you throw on the latter’s latest single that graced the game on the first of August, “Fancy Jeans”, which just so happens to feature Jacob Luttrell. Campbell holds down the bass, guitar, and synths on this ditty. Luttrell takes up the vocals with aplomb.

And therein lies an affable similarity to Green that helps to make this record worthy of hit status.

Before we get to the track, the instrumentation, and the respective performances that are deserving of plaudits, it’s almost impossible to get past Luttrell. He’s got a penchant for saying ‘ya’ll’. He drops the f-bomb on occasion on this track (any idea what the “Forget” stood for on the radio version of Green’s smash?). He’s admirable of at least one young lady’s posterior—although granted, such a trait is becoming more and more ubiquitous these days.

But it’s the way he goes at his vocals, the unrestraint that borders on wildness, at times, that’s the most poignant point of comparison between him and the Goodie Mob lyricist, and a superb compliment in its own right. Luttrell takes what’s a pleasing melody on the vocals and manhandles it without over-singing, lacing up an in your face style that transcends exuberance and is, as previously noted, impossible to ignore.

Still, there’s no getting around what Destroys is dropping. He’s got the inextricable coupling of a bass and electric guitar, the former of which has a delightful bass line, and the latter of which is characterized by a catchy riff, that’s the backdrop for Luttrell’s masterful performance. The music moves all on its own, with credible drumming by Rob Humphreys and Jacob Mann on the keys.

The synthesis of these elements is par exemplar, particularly when Luttrell starts ad-libbing about the genes that gave some babe all of her traits, her hair, its color, etc. Really, this is a true work of art here, and some of the most theatrical efforts one can find just shy of the formal theater.

Check it out yourself, if you need more proof.

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