Galactic Fuzz Traverses Rare Turf on Self-Titled Album

By Deuce

Rare indeed is the vocalist who needs no words to enlighten, entertain, or enrich the lives of the listener. Those who can hit melodies while crooning and slipping in something you can take from them lyrically are much more common—though nonetheless appreciated.

Galactic Fuzz lead vocalist and unequivocal band leader Javier Guell is that scarce breed of singer who can do both. In fact, sometimes he does just that at the same time, to memorable effect on the trio’s latest eponymous LP that will be released on all platforms on October 14.

The ad-libs on “Do You Really”, a laid-back ode if ever there was one, exemplify this fact a little more so than other cuts on this project do. For starters, there’s the two or three bar protraction of the first word in the title on the hook, which makes for some enchanting ‘oohs’. But it’s once he gets to the real ‘oohs’, those that have no pretensions of any sort of words or communication other than how good they sound, that he really gets going.

Granted, this verbal display is embedded within a dramatic decrease in tempo, the power of the electric bass and guitar subsiding for a few precious moments to spotlight the spectacular effects of Guell’s spouting. But he also grabs another track to pour on the poetry with that most perspicacious of insight (particularly when in any sort of lover’s spat): “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know you’re wrong.”

This delectable pairing was doubtlessly inspired by the ambitiousness of the music, of which Guell had a significant role in devising, as he’s also responsible for the guitar, songwriting, and the keys on this project. For most of this number his electric guitar and Jorge Garcia’s electric bass rage in unison, a delicious counterpoint to the suave sensibility with which Guell kicks most of his vocals.

This breezy, summertime at night, the city lights glistening in the distance feel of the tune is characteristic of the album as a whole. At times the band sounds just like the Bee Gees and their kick-back appeal, as is the case on “Do What You Can Do”, another sure winner. When they focus on the acoustics the group almost never misses on this project, as the simple guitar licks on “Find Your Way” demonstrates. Those who can’t wait until October can latch onto “Transparent”, the first single, which drops on August 26th.

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