Lauren G. in Her Own Words

There are no guarantees in show business. Every artist who decides to venture out on his or her own to pursue a career in this field is taking a huge chance. Success isn’t always promised, and it doesn’t always happen, either. Anyone even remotely acquainted with this career path knows it doesn’t work out for everyone.

Lauren G. is one such artist who is undaunted by these perceptions while not wavering from her ambition to become a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Her most recent release, “Main Focus”, dropped at the end of the Spring. She flips a couple of different styles on this tune, which is a slow mobber in the style that’s seemingly popular with singers in the R&B vein.

However, G. has taken a decidedly different path to her musical exploits. Whereas many musicians these days have never had any formal training other than playing instruments in church, or even more commonly, are simply bedroom producers with a computer and a copy of Reason at the house, G. has actually been playing music since she was young.

In fact, she has played the violin for a considerable length of time and garnered a couple of accolades after doing so. Specifically, she earned the coveted distinction of concert mistress of Northern Regional Festival multiple times. In addition to this achievement, G. played the violin so well that she was named sectional lead in all-state and allowed to participate in Northern Regionals. She even was able to impress enough people on the instrument that she performed in Cendrillion Opera, as well as in multiple operas and orchestras.

It’s a little uncertain how this experience prepared her for a life as a singing, songwriting producer. Likely the former impacted the latter, though with an artist with G.’s gumption the exact opposite could also be true. Breaking&Entering recently sat down with G. for a prolonged glimpse into her music and her world.

How did you get started in music?

I got started studying music playing violin at three years old then I started writing poetry in middle school. Then I started writing my own songs in high school As well as started to sing on stage

What are some of your musical inspirations?

I started to write music because I want to influence people positively, especially when they are going through a rough time. I want my music to be relatable. Growing up, I listened to artists like Mary j Blige l, Keyshia Coleand Alicia keys. They were some of my biggest influences because I felt like I could relate to what they were singing about.

How would you describe your style to someone who never heard you?

I would describe my style as r&b with a little bit of hip hop and pop twist. I also can sound quite different depending on what type of song I do.

Do you have a day job? If so, what is it?

Yes I do. Besides getting gigs like weddings and clubs, I also teach voice and violin. I do music because I want to influence the world in a positive way. It’s never been because I want to be famous.

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