Too Much Effing Perspective: Quick Taps – Breaking John Lennon’s Amp, Eric Clapton’s Guitar, and Brian DePalma’s TV

Every performer who’s ever been on the road has at least one bizarro story that could have been pulled straight from the iconic music mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap. Co-hosts Allen Keller and Alex Hofmann delve deep into their guests’ harrowing, humbling, and hilarious Spinal Tap Moments uncovering universal truths along the way.

Need a Quick Infusion of Spinal Tap Moments? Try Quick Taps – short stories in short episodes for short attention spans. This week, you’ll hear about the destruction of literally millions of dollars in historical rock and “reel” memorabilia like the amp on which John Lennon played the last Beatles show ever; the guitar on which Eric Clapton wrote “Layla”; and the TV on which Brian DePalma screened all his masterpieces.

You can check out more episodes of Too Much Effing Perspective on Spotify.

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