A.N.J.A.’s New Single Is “A-Bomb”

By Deuce

You can see A.N.J.A.’s latest single, released 20 days ago to the day, getting major play in workout rooms, fitness centers, gymnasiums, and the like. High octane, pure energy, the track comes in at, oh, about 105-plus Beats Per Minute and sustains that pace for over four minutes—which is well over a lifetime, at this clip.

The centerpiece of this stratagem is a tightly coupled electric guitar groove over that of a bass. The latter is simple and to the point, yet slightly ominous, regardless. The former is brash and daring, urging you to do something, anything, perhaps, so long as it’s furious, and fast, and free form.

So what type of style does A.N.J.A. kick over such a sonic sound bed? Why, take your pick. There’s parts of the hook where she positively is caterwauling, as in, really, really animated. But be sure not to miss the feathery high notes she floats atop it, at points, which is a welcomed surprise.

She’s got the whisper style down as well, musing something about Cali sunsets and counterpointing it, lyrically, with just as ready a reference to Now Y. And just to show you she knows what she’s doing, she even hits one of those sultry, sexy, Jessica Rabbit type voices, purring towards the end of the song, just as coy as can be.

One can envision the perspiration beginning to pile as babes with leggings or leotards try to keep up on their regiments in time to the controlled bedlam this cut curates. For all their fervor, or maybe that for the fellas straining under barbells, it’s almost impossible for any human (unplugged, that is) to match the sheer loudness of the spirited electric guitars seemingly gone awry during the hook. The feeling is cathartic, certainly something no one should intentionally try to hold back, particularly as the female vocalist equally amps herself in rejoinder.

Believe it or not, all this instrumentation is credited to A.N.J.A. and her producer: the worthy Jack McGarry. The foregoing bass line and at least one of those guitars? That would be A.N.J.A.’s. At least one of the other guitars and the flurry of drums, on the other hand, are all McGarry’s.

Time will tell just where and when the album will surface.

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