GEA’s “Uusikuu” Flashes In The Night

By Deuce

Unless you happen to speak Finnish, you probably won’t understand a word of GEA’s “Uusikuu”, which flooded the market a couple days ago on April 29th.

But, if you understand music, you’ll undeniably feel exactly where she’s coming from on this nearly four-minute ode that knocks surprisingly hard.

The track itself is built around a relatively simple melody that progresses in 4/4 time. It encompasses, at different points in time, the synths, the humming or serenading of the background vocals, as well as the bass line. It’s rhythmic, dilatory, and evocative of a sort of beauty that seems cold, pale, and shimmery in the distance, somehow.

Moreover, these qualities are also conjured with GEA’s feathery soprano, which is as primed for flat out opera singing as that of any woman’s has ever been. Again, the foreign tongue she utilizes masks the meaning of her vocals, but not their intention. They’re powerful, something that takes effect and lingers, overcoming you in their delight and magnitude for impressions.

One can easily hear the primary melody she summons—the sounds, as opposed to the words—well after this cut has gone off. That, of course, is a good thing, and indicative that artistically she’s done something right.

The track itself is almost all synths. The primary ones, as previously alluded to, are elongated and take shape bar after bar, vanishing into an evanescence replaced solely by the next note (which is also the case with her high notes). Others of the synth sounds are antipodally rapid, recursive in some manner, granting the music a degree of layering that does well.

Plus the cut itself hits—which is a direct effect of its focus on the kicks and snares. Not quite 808’s, yet EQ’d with the same sort of presence, they function at the good ol’ 85-BPM-and-less tempo that characterizes numerous popular songs of generations still to come, at this point.

Occasionally, the track inverts itself and picks up the pace until it exceeds 100 BPM with the fervor of EDM at its finest. But mostly it meanders along, with a composure that works well and grips listeners with a riveting appeal.

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