Take Heed of Cosmopolis’ “Nixon-Manson”

By Deuce

There are some true forces at work on “Nixon-Manson”, a hell of a single (pun intended), if ever there was one. Cosmpolis dropped this tune exactly a month ago, and it’s still reverberating around various music streaming platforms and skulls—for anyone daring enough to get a full dose of this nearly seven-minute track.

The whole tone the band’s working on for this one is dark, brooding, foreboding, and slow. This is the type of gangsta groove that would’ve gone over extremely well in previous musical eras. The track broods along with a magnificent bass line that encapsulates the whole feel of this tune in maybe four or five notes.

However, the sinister appeal of this work lies in the fact that this music is being played live, which definitely testifies to the artistry on display here. The drums are steady and dependable, eschewing the double or triple time clichés that accompany most slow, deliberate grooves like this one.

Moreover, someone’s going to town on the rhythm guitar, which imbues the tune with a life that’s clearly ominous and a portent of something that’s far from pretty. Meantime, there’s also an electric guitar that accentuates a riff based on the bass groove, providing a perfect sentiment for the sort of mysterious, troublesome music that’s almost always the most compelling variety.

Just check the way the vocalist gets down in the booth. His voice is dripping with distortion, enabling you to feel his words more than necessarily hear them. At some points it appears he’s contemplating “the quickest way to heaven”. At others, he’s definitely referencing the sort of “helter skelter” terminology that is rooted in infamy in mid-20th century American history.

Whatever he’s doing, however, is definitely serious—especially with this haunting music egging him on without urgency. Money kicks at least three verses on this one, the third one bereft of the guitars and drums for a full aural effect in which there’s some freaky keyboard work filling in for the foregoing instruments.

Yeah, this is definitely something you can ride to, play in the locker rooms before the big game, or even in other settings in which the confrontation is much more austere.

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