AUDIO: Phil N. Deblank – “Consciousness Of Streams”

Showcasing an array of sounds in a short number of tracks is often not the preferred route of producers, but Phil N. Deblank manages to do so on his latest EP beat tape on PV2 Records, “Consciousness Of Streams”. In just three tracks, the beatsmith manages to cover everything from lo-fi to street rap, and throws some funk in as well. While everything has a unique hip hop feel to it, elements of electronica come into play, and some vocal samples break up the monotony of the looped beats. There is far beyond simple instrumentals when it comes to what Phil N. Deblank is doing. Given the opportunity to link up with the right artist, he could make a serious impact in the Milwaukee music scene. Get a sample of what he’s been up to with “Consciousness Of Streams” below.

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