Optacure Hits Home with “Stray”

By Deuce

Optacure’s got quite a cut on his hand with “Stray”, which is set to flood the market on February 15. It’s the type of tune bereft of flaws, from the music to the production to the vocals. And most of all, it’s got a bouncy feel that’s sure to go over well in a diversity of settings.

A lot of these attributes, however, stem directly from Optacure’s prowess on the guitar, specifically the acoustic guitar, that is. The main riff that powers this track is spunky, full of vivacity and possibility. Some kind of way he’s flipping it so that it curls and lashes like a whip in parts, all the while playing a wondrous melody that’s highly, highly infectious, as it were.

The arrangement certainly spotlights this particular strength. The song starts of with that riff while he sings through the first verse and the first hook. Moreover, it sounds so right one could easily envision this cut as one of those acoustic numbers that doesn’t need anything else but the guitar and Optacure’s tenor.

Speaking of vocals, the artist sings with a pure quality that’s enchanting and goes well over this particular melody he’s worked out on his acoustic instrument of choice. When he doubles up his vocal tracks they somehow meld into each other, presenting a wavering effect that stands out. It’s not just that he has a nice voice—he knows what to do with it as well.

However, despite the acumen of this piece as a purely acoustic number, it’s once Optacure drops the electric bass, drums, and electric guitar that it’s apparent this is a hit song in the making. All respect due to Emmanuel Aguila for handling these instruments, which give this affair a boom bap feel that anyone could put their head into within a few moments of this dramatic transition.

Still, it’s Aguila’s efforts on the keys that are the most transporting. High pitched, melodic, and evanescent, this instrument is truly responsible for granting this song with all the energy of a popular success.

Lyrically, Optacure is obviously doing some soul searching—seeking answers to heavy questions pertaining to love and likely some of the logistics that infallibly attend it. But in the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with revisting “Stray”—from the top, that is—to get another dose.   

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