Mint June’s Surrendering Nina EP Is A Pleasure

By Deuce

You can tell Mint June had fun putting together the Surrendering Nina EP, which just dropped at the end of last month. There’s five tracks, no vocals, and just about all the room and time in the world to freak synth sounds so that they’re likely unrecognizable from their original feel and texture.

Plus, the artist has the penchant for going over the top with his low ends, as paradoxical as that may be. Really, throw on the leadoff “Paige” and ask yourself, seriously, have you ever heard a kick hit harder? I know I had to turn my headphones way down just to keep from blowing them out. In fact, it’s almost about a minute into the track before you notice there’s actually bass microscopically atop that kick, the former of which is largely responsible for all that pound.

But with the four-on-the-floor incessancy of this drum pattern, all that matters is the bass. Money’s got a full 30 seconds to even get warmed up before he rightfully goes for the synths, he’s enjoying what’s predominantly a drum and bass affair—which is the theme for this collection of cuts, sans the grand finale “Nina”. Moreover, he’s also taking his time with the 808’s (told you this track booms), including both the clap and the side stick, as well.

You’ve gotta dig—if not laud—his presumption on “You Like It” as anyone who reads this title will understand. This one features more tight coupling of the heavy bass and kick, reprises the four-on-the-floor aspirations, and really goes to town with the open high hats. This tune is just right for halftime at the game, or even during an intermission in one of its critical junctures as this tune’s sure to get the adrenaline flowing and the crowd hype…hence the title.

For all his focus on bass for the majority of this project, “Nina” manages to belie all of it. Instead, it’s a purely synth affair led by warm chords that are almost too sizable to fit onto the track. Again, it’s these type of moments that let you know it was a pleasure to create this opus, just because of the sheer effects and warping of sounds he’s produced for your sonic delight. Go ahead, give it a whirl and see if you agree.

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