Walking Apollo Ambles on Water on You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

By Deuce

Now, take a track like “Lovely People”, one of the final songs on the recently released You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc. EP from Walking Apollo. It’s one of those tunes that you can simply rely on to do everything for you, provide both a background and foreground of listening fodder, occupy the recesses of your mind as well as your conscious thoughts, and waver slowly unfurling visuals of lakesides and the gentle passing of currents rippled by the wind.

Granted, a lot of this effect is due to the beauty of the guitar playing on this track, which typifies that of the project. Credit my man Buddy Taccolini, AKA Walking Apollo, for doing much work on the rhythm guitar here and throughout the duration of the release, as well.

But it’s the dude Toby Wilson, singularly responsible for all additional instruments on this EP (aside from the harmonica that Liam Ward’s blowing on the first couple of tracks), who’s pristinely playing everything from some sort of acoustic guitar to what’s likely a live bass, and making it happen on the percussion, as well.

Wilson’s music is so inspiring on this project—it’s evocative of images, feelings, and entire moods—it almost belies words (which it literally does since this is music, not singing). And, when he brings everything together as he does on “Lovely People”, it’s nothing but a sure shot layup for Apollo and his pals (which also includes Christina Rotondo on the vocals) to score at will, however so they like.

Sometimes, they appear to do so with pop aspirations that gravitate towards those indicative of Americana or country western. It’s difficult to listen to “Glowing in the Dark”, for example, and not be reminded of “Hey There, Delilah” by the Plain White T’s. The track’s just a tad slower, the harmonica (mixed extremely prominently in parts) helps to make things sound a little countrified, and the melody and aspects of the phrasing certainly are reminiscent of the foregoing hit that gripped radio stations a ways back.

Interestingly enough, it’s Rotondo who sings lead on this one while Apollo kicks back on the guitar and the background vocals. They reprise these roles on another pleasing number, “Sew”, which works the same formula of acoustic guitars, bass, and percussion. It all makes for a winning combination on this effort, with Wilson making a strong candidate for MVP.

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