Thorslund Lights Up The Sky With Firecracker Man

By Deuce

The “long awaited firecracker man”, AKA Jeff Thorslund, front man for the duo Thorslund, which is rounded out by his brother Tom, has come to set things off with the group’s latest single, the appropriately titled “Firecracker Man”.

Now, with such a moniker comes a plethora of expectations, and a decidedly heavy load to shoulder. One can’t simply come out calling himself a firecracker fellow and go fizzle and pop; the people are expecting bombs, explosions, and smoky, fire-riddled horizons.

That’s just what the pair push out with its present product, an incendiary affair in which neither of the siblings disappoints in their roles. For Tom that’s the live drums, which really go berserk during the rising action or bridge subsequent to the first two verses. He’s also on backing vocals, but it’s the cue sticks that really make his presence known on this opus.

I mean, he waits until about the final 30 seconds of the cut to damn near double the tempo, giving the duo a fantastic finish to a high flying affair that fits the theme of pyrotechnics alluded to in the title.

Still, it’s Mr. Firecracker himself, Jeff, who truly lives up to that title. Granted, a look at the promotional pics of the two gents reveals little difference in them, from the shaggy mop top locks to the angular triangles that shape their respective goatees. But Jeff is really animated on what sounds like a couple of different guitars, one of which is conventionally electric, while at least one other incorporates some wah wah sounding effects.

Plus, he somehow manages to come thundering out with the electric bass that’s always seemingly just underneath the guitar frenzy adorning this number. Even better, he’s got the songwriting to back up the music and encapsulate the energy and ethos of a pyre in what’s only little more than three minutes of work.

During the verses he gives you a clever breakdown—just guitar, bass, and a lot of space for his vocals to fill—that was initially popularized during the inchoate phase of rock and roll in the mid-20th century. His vocals are fun, tongue-in-cheek, and certainly evocative of the emotions a man with “money in his pocket and his dancing shoes on” is sure to elicit, no matter where he chooses to spend his evenings—which is why all these elements make for a winning combination.

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