Aura Blaze Lives Up To His Name on New EP

By Deuce

You look at his name hard enough, you science the title of his most recent Extended Player (that’s Open-Mindedness), or check for any of the promotional photos for this project, and you can tell just where my man Aura Blaze is coming from.

He’s got one of those laidback, adventurous sort of vibes on this collection of tunes and, indeed, to the particular way in which he puts down his vocals. Some of his tracks are flat out chromatic, such as the leadoff and titular work. Others are certainly ambitious in their scope and feel, which is just what one finds on his ode to what’s traditionally ascribed to June 21, “The Summer Solstice”.

But all of his music has a definite flare, a hazy sort of appeal that’s mired in good songwriting and vibes in abundance, which is the undeniable motif for Blaze as an artist—as well as for this EP.

His best vocal performance is likely on the title track, simply because of its sense of cool. Money’s got one of those deep, rich voices that’s attended by both a sense of command as well as an ability to truly sing. Plus he’s verily, verily making it happen on the bass.

To his credit, his proclivity for this instrument isn’t simply limited to a single bass line or even a couple of them. There’s a freedom in his playing of this instrument which guides the track that’s adorned with those colorful synths and delicious sounds unknown just a twirling and pirouetting to one’s delight.

Still, if there’s an anthem on this set of songs, it must be the “Solstice” number. Rarely does one produce a melody as pure, as jubilant, as Blaze does while elongating the title of this cut. It’s difficult to tell if this part is the actual hook or just a refrain that he comes to time after time (because it’s so terse) but trust, every time he does, it sounds better and better. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that he’s harmonizing with himself on the highs and the lows, which makes his phrasing particularly palatable.

He picks up the pace on “The Only One I Know”, which is imbued with a number of psychedelic, randomly panned synths or whatever those sounds are that he’s got while he jams on some sort of organ. You get the point? Blaze has an indelible 70’s vibe which is evinced in more ways than one.  

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