Committee of Vultures Is Right About Everybody Wants The Blues

By Deuce

Try arguing with Committee of Vultures about its latest Long Player, or just the title of it, Everybody Wants The Blues. If you do, first of all you’ll lose, particularly if you play this album (which won’t be released until early next year). Moreover, you must’ve not heard the opening number, “Lightening Struck The Fairgrounds”, and all the various elements this band has in place on it and the rest of the album, that simply overwhelm anyone with the audacity to contradict the title of this LP.

“Fairgrounds” typifies everything that makes the blues as undeniable a form of likable music as it has been ever since it was engendered in the good ol’ US of A. There’s a powerhouse of a lead singer, a babe who straight up gets down on the mic, guiding you through this tune.

Plus, the background vocals—which are equivocal as to whether or not they’re attributed to the lead vocalist or someone else—are ineffable. I don’t know when I’ve heard “whooos” sound as good as they do on this track, while at other times the background vocals emulate the classic call and response style you’re likely to hear in Baptist settings.

And after all those vocals there’s the instrumentation. Somebody’s really breaking it down on the rhythm guitar on this one, more than likely more than one person, as there appears to be a pair of tracks. But its so compelling you’ll find yourself putting your head into it while baby girl hits those high notes despite the fact there’s no percussion on this part whatsoever…until the drums and the bass kicks in and take you out of this world.

On another cuts, such as one of the singles, “Dressed To Get Naked”, the down home countrified feel and appeal is readily apparent about two, maybe three seconds into it at the most. The drums are characterized by a deep pocket, they’ve got the funk horns wailing, and there’s the stickiest of the stickiest, as good ol’ Eightball might’ve said, bass line keeping everything together.

You get the point. It’s not possibly to simply fluke up on this quality music. This isn’t your arm chair producer/computer geek sitting in his bedroom ‘making beats’. This is accomplished, well practiced, difficult to duplicate, country rap tunes (yes, rap) inspiration.

But don’t take my word for it, get a dose of the single yourself below.

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