Nylon Admirals Pack a Mouthful with Butcher’s Hook

By Deuce

It’s difficult to escape the feeling that the Nylon Admirals are talking you with their latest single “Butcher’s Hook”. Although one can’t quite discern what exactly the topic of the conversation is, it’s certainly fervent, animated, and an overflowing discussion that seemingly ranges a sundry of subjects.

The starters for this conversational piece, as it were, are definitely the lead instruments. A highly wiry nylon guitar, almost certainly synthesizer-based, kicks things off. It’s distinctly louder than the other instruments, which don’t include the drums at the beginning of the track, and gives color and light to the piano chords that adorn it.

Fittingly enough there are also voices (told you this was a convo) prolonging ‘aah’ sounds in a nice progression of chords that give the tune an almost angelic feel in spurts. But the guitar’s going at it with all the enthusiasm of a harpsichord, which it resembles for most of the cut, and is the definite focal point—until the drums kick in.

Talk about frenetic. The drums are easily programmed at 120 BPMs at least, and signal the point in the song where things get a little haywire. There’s some delightful sounding synth that’s even more rapid than the guitar and the drums put together that’s whirling and stomping about: arguing its point as vociferously as anyone ever did, never mind what exactly that is.

Still, order is somewhat maintained by the chord progression of the bass that manages to wedge its way in between things and stay there for the better part of this work. Plus there’s yet another synth, this one warm and protracted, that’s taken on the role of the previously mentioned voices and chimes in a word or two in the background, a pleasant little bantering that only serves to increase the animation of the leads.

Moreover, like any engaging discussion, this one is pitched and moves well, both figuratively and literally. There are additional drums and drum patterns, more leads (there’s something that sounds like a high pitched organ that takes a turn at swaying the discussion perhaps midway through the tune), and a general feeling of vivaciousness that does most music credit.

The overall effect is one of calculated sophistication, not bereft of spontaneity, that certainly has a place in today’s world of unforeseen events.


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