Get Ready for Flavour Nurse

By Deuce

Flavour Nurse (did you catch the spelling on that?) is coming with the real deal on its latest LP, which is self-titled and will be available for mass consumption on November 12. From the opening notes of “Dystopian Galaxy”, to cuts entitled “Prelude to Inferno”, the band is treating of subjects both grand and grandiose—in just such a manner.

For that aphorism about a picture’s worth a thousand words, just take a peek at the artwork for this project. Notice how ornate and detailed it is? Now apply that concept to music in general, and then to that found on this project, and you’ll start to see where the group is headed.

I mean, just listening to “Galaxy” sounds like a triumph of some sort, regardless of just what exactly that is. The music is nothing less than dramatic with huge horns, incessant synths, and no drums or vocals. It reminds one of the theme songs on Star Wars in the 1970’s, and is as addictive as the imperial march ever was when Vader was on the set.

To really understand what went into the production of this album, dig the names of these dudes. That’s Gaius Black on the vocals and the guitar—he’s also credited with the arrangements. His man Sobias Sheim is on the bass and background vox, while Raven van Rijn mans the other guitar. I mean, the drummer’s name is Croon Jackson. Get the point? One doesn’t just fluke up on these names, these song titles, this artwork, and the sort of tracks the foursome’s dropping on this collection.

Check a tune like “Sanctuary Walls” if you still need proof. The lead singer takes time out to do a whole record (granted, it’s less than two minutes, but who’s counting) in which the only lyrics are “nah nah nah na nah”. Moreover, it’s a call and response record, somebody’s singing it back to him, and to top it all off, it hits.

Plus the lead singer’s got a penchant for checking in with the lyrical lyrics, like on “Majesty” when he’s envisioning the “celestial sea”. Its equivocal as to whether that’s Gaius or Raven funking things up on the wah wahs on this one, but there’s a gold star for whoever that musician is, because it makes all the difference in the world on this tune.

As previously noted, this is serious music, for some serious listening, to which one should pay attention. Seriously.

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