J’Moris is “Activated” on New Video

By Deuce

The essence of any rap song (that’s worth remembering) is perfection. The objective has always been to find a groove, a riff, or more commonly a loop, that’s so right, so perfect, the emcee and the listeners will want to hear it over and over again.

That’s just what longtime J’Moris producer Supamario Beats has achieved on the latest single and video, the memorable “Activated”. This time out it’s a one bar piano loop with the strings built into it that grabs your attention almost immediately. It’s mellifluous, complex in its simplicity (it manages to encompass well over a dozen notes in that bar), and sounds smooth—especially when the producer hooks up the drums with the bass hanging over the kicks for double pounding pleasure.

J, however, bucks the trend of letting the track do all the work while the purported emcee sings, chants, or tries to hypnotize listeners by saying the same two words ad nauseum. He might kick that style for part of the hook, but for the majority of the three and a half minute ensemble he’s busying himself with a mouthful or two of flows that enhance the production, grabbing the spotlight right back from the beat.

In fact, the rapidity of his verses, the polysyllabic internal rhymes, and wordplay (the man professes to have “never bought a watch because I don’t got time”) serve as an effective counterpoint to the way too laaaid back hook in which he’s activated, chilling, or pouring or rolling up, depending at which juncture one catches him. The latter lets the track breathe, giving you time to catch your breath after digesting the slickness of his verses and the celerity of the delivery.

Before long he’s right back at you with verse two, which is less ambitious in its patterns yet deftly delivered in parts to let you see he’s really not playing on the mic this time around. The game needs more such seriousness in the composition and carrying out of rhymes these days, and J’Moris evidences the fact that he’s as much up for the job as the next man—if not just a little bit more “activated”. As the legendary 2Pacalypse termed it, “I’m activated by your blood pressure/this thug measure helps the average man love better”. Amen.

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