My Autumn Amor Dazzles on Quiet Girl EP

By Deuce

The acoustic guitars that dominate the individual recordings on Quiet Girl, the most recent EP from My Autumn Amor—which is solo artist Thomas Monroe, not a group—are superlative, and exceptionally so.

Some times they simply shimmer, sparkling in place as they do at the onset of “The Out”, in which it sounds like one is tracked to provide the lows similar to a bass (though it simply sounds like a guitar and not an electric bass) while the other works wonders above it, a supernal counterpoint to the mundane occurrences of this world in which we’re found. Regardless, for the first 30 or 45 seconds that’s it, his tenor and those stringed instruments talking with equal fervor from the same muse, as it were.

In other instances his guitar playing is simply compelling, as is the case on “Tempest Eye”. It’s worth noting that none of these songs are upbeat, although “Eye” shifts tempos unexpectedly to quicken the pace going into the hook. But its beauty is demonstrated in the verses, when there’s a nice sounding snare (which has an aesthetic as though it were played live) and the right arrangement of acoustic guitar notes. At this easy, laidback pace—which somehow isn’t a ballad—it’s difficult not to put your head into this track and move along accordingly.

Finally, the collection’s also outfitted with the sort of foregoing acoustic instruments in which the chords are so big they takeover the tune without need for any sort of percussion, drums, or much else but the man singing. “Quiet Girl”, which is a single with an accompanying video, supplies this dimension, although in fairness the drums enter the stage during the hooks and stick around for the bridge, too.

With his mastery of the guitar, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the other elements that Monroe excels in, like the poetry suffused on “Girl”. Talk about inspiration. Some reticent babe’s got him fathoming “castles in the clouds” and seeking a “well to gather all the stars to tell.” I mean, who hasn’t been there before? This relatable quality to these cuts is another strength that pervades throughout the duration of the EP.

Yes, My Autumn Amor certainly gets down on this assortment of songs, so much you’ve got to wonder how he can possibly follow it up with another.

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