It’s All “About U” on Nick de la Hoyde’s Latest

By Deuce

Much like its title, “About U”, the latest single from Australia’s Nick De La Hoyde, is short, sweet, and to the point. He gives you less than two and a half minutes on this track, a grab bag handful of synths, and a dose of guitars (some of which sound like synth notes as well).

Where he labors the most, however, is on the mic, flexing a differentiation of styles that swiftly becomes the most notable element on the number. The human voice, of course, is the original musical instrument, and de la Hoyde evinces the fact that he’s fully aware of the ambient power it produces in the right situations.

Sometimes he sounds a little throaty, as though the mic were tracked too loud, but it’s really just his conviction that reverberates with each modulation produced by his voice. Other times (such as on the hook in particular) he kicks back on a shimmery falsetto, seemingly crooning with his eyes closed as the song begins to gain momentum.

In fact, it’s difficult to argue that the best part of the tune isn’t the chorus on which the artist boogies to a bass line that grooves hard—perhaps the hardest of anything that gigs on this track. There’s also a purely pop electric guitar that shimmies along at this point, as the drums open up and get to stepping with a beat sure to rock speakers and headphones.

Plus, the young man’s brought a cast of characters that are sure to be as memorable as the work itself is. The cut was composed by Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde, and Timothy de la Hoyde. Triplets, siblings, brothers-in-law? Go figure, but they know what they’re doing on this one. Plus Joseph mixed the number, while D.E.L. (most likely no relation to the funky homo sapien) handled the boards on production.

You’ve got to give the latter plenty of credit for dressing this one up. The producers provide much needed variation to the four-on-the-floor drum pattern during the verses, eschew it altogether on the hook, and introduce bright sounding synths during the chorus to liven up the acoustic guitar chords underpinning the work. These attributes all blend together at the right time to enable the artist to get in and out in time to leave you wondering when he’s coming back for more.

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