D.E.L. Triumphs on “Yoko”

By Deuce

D.E.L., a group comprised of the de la Hoyde brothers, has accomplished a couple of noteworthy things on its most recent single and video, the punchy “Yoko” without the One.

For starters, they unveil a brilliant hook. Lyrically it’s sure to catch on with listeners for its pure feel good appeal, as the vocalist (Nick, more than likely), asks some babe to “teach me how to feel alive”. Only a few people would not be able to relate to that sentiment.

Moreover, the melody for this phrase is pretty scrumptious. It goes up and down, sounds smooth, and articulates the pent up ardor that powers the lyrics. And, as we all know, with the right hook it little matters what else one does on a track. The ad-libbing helps, of course, though there’s little of that on this one. But the hook is a winner, and certainly the song’s focal point and unmitigated strength.

Another feat on this tune is the clean ass snare that gives the drum pattern much lift. From a production standpoint this is EDM at its finest, especially with the deliberate crunch of that snare hitting every so often. This genre’s reliance on drums is well and alive with this ode, due in no small part to the sound of the snare.

There’s also some noteworthy piano playing as well. It’s a little equivocal as to which of the gang is responsible for those big chords and ivory tickling in between, but it helps to set the tone for the track as the primary point during the introduction and holds things together throughout it.

The song is also imbued with a downright ethereal quality for most of the work, which is greatly attributed to the otherworldly effects on both the vocals and the instruments. The effects are so strong the former sounds ghostlike in points, whereas the synths take on a life of their own that seemingly whirl in place with some sort of chorus, delay, or reverb, perhaps.

The overall impact is a vital third or fourth dimension to the number that gives it some much needed girth. With that championship hook, these tiny triumphs within this work as a whole should tide listeners over until the next release.

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