Sines Works Wondrously on New Single “Mr. Ciao”

By Deuce

Ever wonder what the 70’s were like? The John Travlota “Staying Alive” suits with the wide collars, the platform shoes on the babes, and the sounds, the syncopation of discos blazing ‘til the small hours of the morning?

Throw on “Mr Ciao”, the latest offering from Sines, and you’ll get a great feel for that era, its music, and its wild carousing for which it’s still known.

Perhaps the only thing contemporary about the tune is its drum pattern, the tried and true four-on-the-floor pattern that populates popular music of just about all genres these days. However, Sines—who produced the tune and manned the instruments as well—switches things up with a compelling snare part of the time on the verses just to differentiate himself, while adding to the throwback nature of the track.

Everything else, however, could’ve easily been constructed 45 years ago, which is as much a nod to the musicianship of the producer as it is to that of the bygone era. When the cut truly opens up during the hook with a serenade of synths rising, dotting the room, as chromatic as a splaying black light in a dormitory, it’s the ideal aural counterpart—or rather, rendition—of those glittering disco balls swirling and doing the same thing in dance floors, clubs, and Travolta’s flick from that epoch.

The percussion is rich, especially the spicy open high hats that give this 115-plus BPM tune its swagger, and the music is bouncy with a space age, original Star Wars type feel. But the best part, arguably, is the vocal accomplishments of Christina Siravo. Baby girl sounds good, and exceptionally so. During the verses her voice is sweet, seductive, luring you on with each incessant repetition of the kick. And during the hook she simply takes off, exploding with a tonal quality that’s powerful and festive, somehow adding to the energy of the number—if not directly inspiring it.

The confluence makes for a fun fiesta, an ode to feeling good and shaking it all out in public, private, or wherever anyone happens to turn this tune on. Perhaps the pair will collaborate again on an album, an EP, or something more than this song. If so, start lining up to get your copies now.

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