Har’Monique Gets Back in the Game with “Take Over”

By Deuce

These days, you’re lucky if you get just one style per song from an artist—and that’s really pushing the boundary if we’re talking an original one. Brooklyn’s Har’Monique hits you with a minimum of three in her recently released single “Take Over”, which is an average of at least one every minute to keep you on your toes…in more ways than one.

The kontrabandz produced track starts off with heavy handed chords that are distinctly RnB, yet you can just tell by the dancehall swing to the doubling up of the snare that some island flavor is in the works. Still, Har’Monique plays it cool at first, singing with a confidence in her voice that does it justice over about the first half of the verses.

Then just as suddenly her accent changes, the patois comes out, and she begins chatting to truly bring the rhythm out of those aforementioned drums. It’s a welcome break in the action, and a wholly unexpected twist were it not alluded to by the beat so early on. Nonetheless, she sounds good with a deep, throaty pitch to her vocals that’s sure to help pack the dancefloors, get lighters to sparkin’, and elicit a few cries from the listeners, too.

She changes up styles again on the hook, proclaiming that some lucky person is “taking over me”. However, she phrases it so that “over” is at least three words, with the first two being a welcome oh oh, if you know what I mean. The bass becomes a little more pronounced during the chorus, while the rhythm shifts to something less dancehall and more pop while maintaining the same integrity of the sounds.

“Take Over” is the first single from the singer songwriter’s forthcoming self-titled album scheduled for a mid October release date. Replete with 16 tracks it offers a wide range of variety musically, vocally, and even lyrically. As “Take Over” roundly proves, it should be worth the wait.   

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