Disaster Relief Lives Up To It’s Name On Back Into It

By Deuce

There’s some music (not all) that simply sounds better live. Whether it’s due to the ambiance of the atmosphere, the babes in the venue, or simply the alignment of the stars and the planets, there’s some tunes that one just needs to feel—in person—to truly capture the magic of the moment.

Such a sentiment surely doubly and triply applies to Disaster Relief’s Back Into It, which is as vivacious a recording it’s possible to get while still being a mere recording. Would that this reviewer were present at these studio sessions to see these eight musicians and performers lay these cuts down, speaking to each other with raised eyebrows, perhaps a head nod or two, but mostly with these wicked instruments in hand and under tow, creating a language even the most obtuse of us would understand.

Again, it’s so easy to see any of these tunes rocking backyards, clubs, whole arenas, DVD’s, or something. The effervescence is that palpable, the rhythms, the funk emitting from these dudes, that potent.

Take a number like the titular work, for instance. It’s a sumptuous showcase for the funk horns, the funk guitar and its way of talking (which is much better than words), the congas grooving, and the bass curving and licking to delight bereft of lead vocals. Remember the first track on Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite? These fellas have stepped into that rarified turf with a proclivity for nailing their transitions, for building and piggybacking off one another’s moves, that’d do just about anyone proud.

“Kalamatianos for Alexander” conveys all the mystery of a star-filled sky enchanted with the sound of these tunes. The pace is somewhat slower, the funk is a little deeper, and the organ and the horn players work together in unison for much of the song, weaving and dipping together from the most precipitous of angles. It’s the perfect showcase for a live performance, and difficult to listen to without visualizing the swaying of hips, the clinking of bottles, and the evanescence of some much needed relief from any form of disaster this world might pitch your way.

Hopefully these gentlemen will be able to safely, the key and most eminent word being safely, crank out these tunes in some sort of venue where these moods, this music, and these memories it creates simply listening to it can work the wonders they were seemingly born to create.

If not, just press play again.

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