The Reggaestra’s Tribute TO Bunny Wailer Doesn’t Miss

By Deuce

You can’t lose doing an album that’s the best of the best that the inimitable Bunny Wailer laid down, inspired, or otherwise had a hand in, in some form or fashion. Not if you can actually play music, which The Reggaestra, a seven-man collective, unequivocally can. And, you certainly can’t lose if you can sing, which the group’s front man, Picstitch, assuredly has proven time and time again throughout the course of his career.

Thus, when The Reggaestra decides to do a tribute piece to the aforesaid Wailer, as is the case on the 14-cut Tribute to Bunny Wailer, there’s nothing but hit after hit for the duration of the whole affair.

Still, there are some points of perfection pure, as surely is the case on the certified smash “Don Dadda” in which there’s really nothing else that needs to be said. The horns will elevate those who aren’t already when listening to it, and the rest you’ve got to credit Wailer for.

Other tunes are more difficult to master to the point at which the originators did. “Hypocrites”, for example, is Bob Marley at his finest, likely well before international fame and gigging harder than most ever could achieve. You’ve got to give it up to The Reggaestra for its interpretation of it which is a beat or two slower and longer than the OG version. But just to hear that refrain of “I try try try” and whatever else Rasta Man packed into that line come to life…well, as previously mentioned, one simply can’t lose.

Other especially buttery numbers include timeless odes such as “Rock and Groove”. Typifying almost all ‘the roots’ has to offer in terms of reggae music, you’ve got the horns pumping, reaching crescendos, and patterning themselves all over that nice, easy tempo in which one can simply do whatever one pleases over and it still sounds good which, if anything, is the motif for this LP.

I mean, the bass is so big, pronounced, and right on tunes like “Cool Runnings” everything else is damn near superfluous. Certainly, this is the type of album you’ll just want to ride all the way through and back again.

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