No Past No Future Cops heavy on “The Plug” Single

By Deuce

No Past No Future truly has something with its debut single, the well-produced “The Plug”. Trouble is, it’s not necessarily apparent what that thing is.

The tune has obvious pop sensibilities, but seems much too heartfelt to simply be dismissed under this banner. Plus there’s an almost spacey feel to much of the production, from the swirling stars you can hear in the synths to the ethereal way lead vocalist Yung Hemingway works that falsetto of his.

It’s almost like a reincarnation of Auto-Tune on some level yet, somehow, it seems a little more real than that. Whatever it is, his conviction is unquestionable, whether detailing the recreational habits of his shawty (who “grew up on Swishers” but now “is rolling Js”) to hitting those high notes with abandon, particularly during the hook.

Forsooth, there comes a point in this track where it really doesn’t matter what he’s kicking on the mic because it pounds so relentlessly. The production duo of Ty-Kee and Earl have a wondrous penchant for switching things up on the drums—from heavily effected kicks and snares that serve as an intro and a breakdown at alternate moments, to letting loose on the percussion during the chorus rife with tom toms, a gang of drums sounding like they’re flamming (though they probably aren’t), and a solid knack for upping the energy simply with those percussive instruments alone.

The point, however, is the kicks thump hard and the pair throws in a bass line that’s equally hardened to provide the frame for Hemingway to muse, emote, and otherwise do the damn thang on. Plus, they’ve got the song structure to go through a few movements in barely three minutes, including the aforementioned breakdown, a couple choruses, and some moving ad-libbing by Hemingway on the vocals.

The result is the song builds from nowhere, recedes and takes you back into the euphoric unveiling of the final hook by which point you might find yourself vocalizing along with the tune. If that sounds like the formula for a hit we’re on the same page, and so is this creative trio. It’d be surprising if its forthcoming EP didn’t include at least one other number with the same realization of potential displayed on this one.

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