‘G’s Know’ By Kid Kenny Is For All The People Who Go Through Their Struggles All Alone

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Kid Kenny is one of the founders of “BrokeRichBoyz”. It is a collective record label featuring him and a few other artists. His sound is unexpected and unpredictable; there’s versatility in his flows, style and personality. He’s been making music in his basement since 2017 all on his own, mixing, mastering and trying to perfect his sound.

Kid Kenny is also known as Cobatine online. While Kid Kenny is the sad, quiet kid with a bizarre style, on his way to becoming a music artist, his online persona Cobatine is known to be a loud, ecstatic and upbeat streamer. He is a mashup of 2 personalities, 2 extremes, trying to make a positive impact on people’s lives with his creations.

G’s Know” is a song that Kid Kenny made to say that only his G’s (close friends) know what really goes on with him. Many people think he’s fake sad but they don’t know any of his struggles because he rarely shares them with people. He has many hidden problems that he has not yet fully expressed into his music yet; those songs will come out soon. But this track is based on how much pain and agony he goes through everyday privately, telling no one but his very close friends. 

In the song, he explains that he just wants to feel okay but the fact that he closes himself off in his room everyday doesn’t help. He also talks about not being able to be someone else’s hero when he’s just as broken himself. Yet he tries to give his all to the women he loves. This song means a lot to him as he resonates with it the most, so do a lot of his listeners. Lots of people don’t have enough confidence or hope to talk about their problems with someone they trust. The artist believes fans will be able to relate to the lyrics of the song and connect with his pain. 

It’s one of his best tracks because of how many times he changes his flow. His musical influences range from XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, Sybyr, Night Lovell, $uicideboys, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Katy Perry and Ozzy Osbourne. But the artist that has had the most impact on him is Montana of 300. He was one of the people that inspired Kid Kenny to start making music. It’s his dream to collaborate with one of his inspirations, especially Lil Tracy since he feels like they’re both weird in their own ways so they’d get along.

His favorite sub-genre of rap used to be drill. He would listen to it every day, especially Montana of 300. Hearing Montana’s energy, metaphors, play on words and positive motives made him realize he was meant for the entertainment business. The music made him a better person; reflecting on problems properly, and unveiling some secrets of the world. He also loves listen to Lil Tracy’s attitude and unique lines as Tracy is creative and has fun with his music. He listens to some other artists like Pouya, Wiz Khalifa, $uicideboy$ and Ozzy Osbourne too but he listens to his own music the most in his free time. 

Kid Kenny self-produces his music from his basement. He records his vocals, mixes and masters the song himself. The only thing he doesn’t do is make beats; he buys beats from other people or uses free beats. He is not a good freestyler, so it’s easier to think of lyrics when he hears a beat. It’s just a challenge to put it in words that make sense sometimes. When he freestyles, he can only come up with gibberish nonsense in the start and eventually comes up with a proper flow for the song. Then once he gets the flows, he writes it down and edits it to make the song make proper sense.

The artist believes that social media is a must in today’s era. It allows artists to get close to their fans, interact and get more personal with them. Kid Kenny is mostly focused on Instagram. He takes a lot of time being creative; editing pictures and previews for his page. He has the most engagement and interactions on Instagram but is also active on Facebook and Twitter. For his fans, there’s nothing better than being a step closer to their favorite artist. 

He is extremely thankful for his fans and believes that he is blessed to have so many individuals who believe in him and his craft. He dedicated his life to this and feels grateful to see it being paid off. He wants people to enjoy and a have a good time with his music, as he makes it in hopes of helping someone out. He is currently planning an EP; a small project that will consist of 4 songs. He is also excited to perform more in the future as he hasn’t been able to perform much, besides a big stage at a local event for Canada Day. Performing makes him feel more alive than ever and he hopes that his fans are just as excited to see him perform as he is. 

Listen to ‘G’s Know’ by Kid Kenny on SoundCloud and YouTube.


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