Ajay Mathur Gets It Right On “I Need You Now”

By Deuce

It’s truly a wonder what the right riff can do. It can make a song, make a hit, and even make a song a hit song.

Ajay Mathur explores each of these possibilities and more on his latest single, the ebullient “I Need You Now”. The riff in question that’s responsible for building a track around, lyrics, and the entire concept for this cut is staggered, a little jagged, and catchy as can be. It predominates from his guitar which, at different points in time, seems to involve the acoustic and electric variety, as well as a sitar, in spots.

But it’s not long before the bass picks up on it, particularly during the verses. It’s a wonderful constant in this tune that otherwise rapidly shifts drum patterns, bass lines, key, and all. Mathur keeps returning to it throughout this three minute and change affair and when he does, it only gets better with the passing of time.

With this type of melody singing on its own, it’s small wonder Mathur is as convincing as he is with his timeless refrain of “I need you now.” Seriously. You may have heard singers seize upon a phrase, a lyrical couplet or a hook before, but you’ve heard little until you hear how ardently Mathur enunciates the fact that he’s got a need for someone, a certain ‘you’ that is, not later, but proximately.

It’s the dominant theme of the track (other than that delightful riff), and is unerring in its simplicity and ferventness. In fact, it’s not difficult to imagine more than a couple impassioned lovers on opposite sides of the country, state, or even county pining away for each other with this up tempo affair in the background, providing the proper sentiment for a feeling of connection that in some people, has been denied far too long.

Mather hits upon this notion correctly, again and again, and has turned it into an anthem of sorts that skies above the clouds at times, riding that riff through to the end.

It’s a hell of a concept and, more than anything else, quite a feeling to move the masses at a moment when they may not be able to themselves.

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