Paul Feder Sparkles on “Lose My Mind” Single

By Deuce

“Lose My Mind”, the latest single and video from Paul Feder, is instantly prepossessing. Trouble is, it’s difficult to say exactly why—which certainly isn’t a bad thing for a reaction to any artist’s oeuvre.

Perhaps it’s the pristine nature of the snare. No, seriously, the right snare, particularly when it doesn’t kick in for several bars into a tune, can certainly up the ante, pick up the pace, and get bodies to moving. Ultimately, it’s the final of these attributes that perhaps makes this track so becoming—quite simply, it’s difficult to listen to without moving, in some way, some part of one’s body.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the artist’s case that his bass is huge, if not outright gargantuan. It seemingly alternates between the standard, deep house bass and classic west coast slightly moog tinged mob bass every now again. But the bass line itself is pleasing, a nice thick one that keeps the entire track together while fathoming a groove that’s immediately accessible.

His vocal delivery is helpful as well in cultivating the masses to move on most dance floors. He encompasses an easy, carefree delivery with another track of a silky falsetto that makes things fun and playful. The melody is sweet yet masculine, and works well as the cut progresses.

Then again, it could be his lyrical content that’s equally as stirring. Many people have considered the wide spectrum of losing their minds, but to actually do it with another? A babe, perhaps, only to hold back because one is “afraid of what I’ll say or do?” Under the right setting (crepuscule, say, as the summer lengthens), such bantering coquetry surfaces up the piquancy of intellectual stimulation again, especially when the right one is at hand.

Perhaps that’s why this track is a winner. It enables the listener to know what the artist and songwriter is doing without knowing quite how, like a magician whose tricks aren’t up his sleeve.

Give this record a spin and you’ll see. It’s not straightforward to discern the verses from the hooks from the breakdown or bridge, particularly with all the shimmering synths cascading in reverse to some strobe light, disco type effect.

But, I tell you, Feder could very well have the makings of a hit on his hands.  

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