“Never Give Up” Remix Hits Home for Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench

By Deuce

Lil Rossco’s remix of “Never Give Up”, the latest single and accompanying video from Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench (featuring iSTAND and Danny Sprang) on Buttercuts Records, is perfect in its simplicity and simple in its perfection. The melody on the hook is fairly basic, with a seemingly interminable refrain of “never give up” that’s so straightforward it’s got to work.

It’s utterly devoid of pretensions, superfluous presentation, and as straight to the point as a track can get. The fact that it embraces such a stripped down approach with an unequivocal message of positivity in uncertain times makes it almost an anthem in its inspiration for the people—which is, perhaps, paradoxical to the ethos it embraces.

The bass is so deep on this one that it almost doesn’t need any kicks to go with it—which is likely why they’re missing for at least the first third of the song. Rossco makes up for it with a surfeit of claves hustling overtime to enrich the percussion, providing a nice backdrop for the vocalists to take time busting over the beat.

The emcee of the collaborators certainly gives the others a run for their money. He manages to shift through a plethora of cadences, voices, styles, and pitches in what’s effectively just one rhyme. I mean, have you heard of any other emcee ever flawlessly segue into hardcore data management terminology with references to a “serious GDPR breach”? Probably not. Still, it just goes to show the range of the focus for the artists on this one, who obviously had a thing or two on their minds when they hit the booth.

The track noticeably picks up the pace with the rapper espousing his rhymes, coming in with a hefty array of kicks and additions to the percussion that speed up well beyond your typical double time affair. There’s a good deal of delay on the keys (particularly during the hook), which seems to hammer home the overarching message about perseverance, persistence, and resiliency. We all would do well to take it to heart before venturing out into the world’s wide beyond these days.

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