Dummy Amade’s Summer Island Remix Of ‘Thumpunk’ Has A Unique Sound

Dummy Amade started as a character that Mark Biser made based on a pun about a dirty flick’s name involving Amadeus Mozart on 30 Rock. The character was made years ago to play the host for a show that he just got done filming recently. He was originally only going to make the soundtrack for the show, then focus on getting a cast and crew together, but getting people together became an issue for a while.

In the little down time he had between jobs, he made music with talented friends at uglyheart creations and eventually filmed two episodes of his show ‘PM luv’ which will be compiled into a blast of entertainment soon.

Thumpunk” is a remix of Mark’s friend’s song. He hopped on the song to turn it into an island summer song! He doesn’t care much for the traditional song structure and just wants to make songs that can make people dance. Having listened to all the hit songs from the 1960s onward at work, he has always strived to make something different from what people have already heard.

This is the most catchy song Dummy Amade has done so far, and is by far the most structured song as well. He’s usually not very fond of hooks in his songs and doesn’t bow down to the pressures of big music theory. He tries to do something different and new on every track. Prince and Lady Gaga are a big influence on the lack of inhibitions in his music style. He hasn’t found his signature sound yet but as long as he’s having fun making music with friends, the beats are all good.

The artist said: “It was the changes remix on the Shrek soundtrack with Butterfly Boucher and Bowie that made me reall feel like music could help change your life, although gradually, for the better.”

Although most people like to make beats solely from samples nowadays, Dummy Amade encourages people to make their music from scratch and make it sound like it’s a sample. When he listens to a song and likes a certain sound, he tries to think of a different way to use it, then of themes that could be used for the song. While the beat is being made, he frantically writes down whatever is on his mind and runs to the mic to record before the beat is finished. 

He’s currently listening to Vince Staples’ new album. It’s astonishing how he details all the rough edges fame has made in his life and created friction between who he was and is now. According to the artist, it’s a sonic masterpiece. Someone he would love to collaborate with is Cher. He thinks she is the best and can do everything. He wants to do a twerk anthem with her.

He appreciates all his supporters and hopes that they’re healthy and happy so he can make edgy songs full of horror stories without worrying about having a negative impact on his listeners. He will be releasing two packs of sweet remixes this Halloween, and more things will be coming out in the next year, so stay tuned!

Listen to ‘Thumpunk’ by Dummy Amade on SoundCloud.


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