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Dummy Amade’s Summer Island Remix Of ‘Thumpunk’ Has A Unique Sound

Dummy Amade started as a character that Mark Biser made based on a pun about a dirty flick’s name involving Amadeus Mozart on 30 Rock. The character was made years ago to play the host for a show that he just got done filming recently. He was originally only going to make the soundtrack for the show, then focus on

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‘Neverever’ by Dummy Amade Is a Modern Take on The Silk Road That Might Give You Some Historical Knowledge

‘Neverever’ by Dummy Amade is the opener to the artist’s May project about the excesses of Caesar and ultimately the fall of the roman empire. The artist says, ‘My name is Mark but I was born in Italy so I made this song about Marco Polo going on a thirst pilgrimage. All the samples are from the early to mid

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