Louise Aubrie’s New Single “Ours” is Worth Keeping

By Deuce

Although “Ours”, the latest single from Louise Aubrie and the leadoff track from her forthcoming LP Antonio (slated for an October 15th release) is only three and a half minutes long, it’s characterized by motion or, as is apparent from listening to it, a series of motions.

Firstly this number moves, somewhere in the 105-plus BPM range, with a sexiness characterized by an overt bass that powers the track. But it’s not just the tempo of the tune, it’s the reverberation of those low notes that run into each other with the sort of rapidity to which it’s easing to see thighs gyrating to.

Moreover, the bass (manned by Andy Woodard, who also handles the cue sticks on this one) progresses through a series of musical movements, shifting key and tone approximately every eight bars or so to keep you on your toes and Aubrie’s vocals fully energized.

And what vocals they are. She’s as lucid and as big voiced as ever, with something (could it be the gent, Antonio?) having her suitably worked up as she moves through references to strip teases, pillow talk, and some sort of colloquy that lasts for “hours and hours” yet manages to “leave it all unsaid”.

In truth, however, had she decided to skip the lyrics and simplify—if not eschew—the songwriting, the cut would’ve still sounded good with the caliber of musicianship on display here. Frank Horovitch and Boz Boorer are doing wonders with some sort of tubes or effects on the guitars that make them chromatic and evanescence as they bounce along to that good ol’ bass. Plus somebody’s really setting the pace on the keys during the verses with a fun, popish melody that could well be Aubrie herself, Boorer, or guest keyboardist Edu Bisogno.

The keyboard’s catchy, the singing’s sumptuous, and the bass is bold and bodacious enough to entice listeners to work their way through the rest of the album when it finally lands this autumn. There’s almost sure to be another single by that time and, as a sneak preview, it looks like it’ll have another single word title.

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