Independent Artist Josh Fonzarelli Sends An Important Message With His Song ‘Peace’

Josh Fonzarelli is a producer and rapper from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is an independent, unsigned artist looking to make his mark on the music industry. Through forward thinking lyrics and genre bending instrumentals, Josh defines his individuality in his own unique way: this is true-to-self. His sound is unique and ambiguous, minimalist but complex. It’s easy to connect with.

“Peace” is a song that was first released in 2019, then released on streaming platforms in 2020. This is Josh’s favorite release in his 8 years of releasing his own music. Produced by Mecca:83, this song breaks the barrier of traditional Hip Hop/Rap and re-defines it in a way that’s shown through the minimal but complex nature of this song. The song is quite relatable as it does good at connecting important topics that we all experience in life.

He usually writes to an instrumental with the goal of completing a song, but sometimes decides not to release the song and re-use lines in another song instead. He draws inspiration from his own writing so it’s easy to tap into that inspiration and continue to write more. A few of his musical influences include Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, J Dilla, Madlib, Nas and Redman.

Josh usually self-produces his music but he’s always willing to connect with other producers and enjoys writing to their beats. He wants to collaborate with Drake on a song sometime in the future. The artist likes performing in places with the proper ambiance and environment, anywhere with a stage and good lighting. 

Social media is important for his work because it gives him the ability to reach far away places and display his talent. It makes connecting easier for people, especially those who wouldn’t be able to connect in person. He loves all his fans and likes to show appreciation for them on his social media. He is planning to release a full album, called “#PartyAtStonehenge”, before 2021 is over, so stay tuned!

Listen to ‘Peace’ by Josh Fonzarelli on YouTube and Spotify.

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