1st Base Runner Gets Ahead on New Video “Break even”

By Deuce

After one listens to it, it’s somewhat of a shocker to see that “Break Even”, the new single and video from 1st Base Runner (the latter of which just dropped this past Friday) is only about three and a half minutes. The track seems much longer, which is a testament to how much ground sonically, musically, and vocally the artist, also known as Tim Husmann, covers (or rather breaks) during this affair.

It helps that the tempo is slow, yet moves in a couple different directions at once. The snare hits precisely over a ponderous drum track that sounds anything but that because of the rapidity of what largely seems like synth work.

Even the bass appears to be going close to double time, triplets, or something a bit unusual in spots on this number. So while the programmed drums keep pace the bass and the synths force the pace, so that the song is both flowing and meandering, taking its time in parts and also getting to the point swiftly.

Another dimension Runner uses to his benefit is that of volume. There’s parts in this work that are intensely loud, at the right time, during what’s some sort of buildup largely bereft of vocals—again, which makes the tune seem temporally longer than it actually is.

Plus he’s got a kind of whispery style on his own vocals, definitely cool yet still expressive of some sort of emotion that’s as powerful as it’s surreptitious, as it were. Ultimately, it’s this sort of dichotomy that pervades the entire track. The music is definitely electronic without necessarily sounding so; there are huge chords of what could be electric guitars curiously disguised as synths (or the other way around).

And, to top it all off, there’s the music video itself. Acid washed in black and white montages, rife with bare tree limbs and seemingly hardened earth, it tells absolutely nothing about the secrets filling this cut, what they mean, and what one’s supposed to get from them.

But what appears in abundance, as typically does with the best music, is unfettered emotion that sticks around time and time again when you give this record a spin.

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