HEELE’s Production is “Still Intact” On New Single

By Deuce

HEELE’s latest musical foray, “Still Intact”, is quite a trip around the globe, or the planet, or perhaps just the artist known as Michael Henss’ mind. It meanders along at a smooth, mid-tempo pace, taking pit stops in the realm of grunge guitar work, venturing off into the plane of falsettos, and never straying too far from a heaping, healthy dosage of bass.

Henss is responsible for helming all the instruments—as well as producing the track and penning the lyrics, more than likely—which is saying something. He fails to let his producing outdo his musicianship, which is no small feat considering the size, scope, and sustainable nature of the drums.

They almost sound like they’re played live were they not quite so corpulent and hard hitting with a deliberateness that instantly modulates necks that are attuned to such sensibilities. Plus, he’s got a doozy of a bass line, a work in place that gets to grooving almost immediately. Fact is, this is one of those rare tracks that’s a go with just the drums and bass, imbuing things with an almost gangsta aesthetic to get things moving.

It’s his vocals, ultimately, that span the whirlwind voyage on this four and a half minute cut. He comes in with a fun style that’s obviously sized the piece up and takes advantage of a sumptuous melody that tingles atop his sonic bed of bass, blessing the tune in parts with an electric guitar that ups the ante without quite taking over things.

But it’s not long before he opens up with that silky falsetto on the hook, contemplating paradoxes like blooming in the dark and truly shifting the scene with, let’s just say, more than a smattering of almost grunge inspired guitar playing.

Along the way he picks up a synth and goes to town on a solo, does the same with what sounds like a couple tracks’ worth of metal fusion overdoses of his favorite electric instrument other than the bass, truly departing for foreign terrain from the rest of the track.

Yup, this is one of those numbers you’ve got to hear to truly appreciate, if for nothing else than to bop along to that tremendous bass and those heady drums.  

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